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Copywriting course

It is an innovative, entirely tailor-made course for copywriters. Acquire knowledge from industry leaders and start making money out of your writing skills.

Młoda praktykantka patrząca w obiektyw.

Copywriting – online course

Do you want to embody yourself as an excellent copywriter? You can do it one of two ways: absorb tons of textbooks or… simply start writing.

Content Writer offers a unique course that focuses on practice. You will create exquisite texts for your portfolio under expert guidance.

We offer one-on-one consultations and specific advice to hone your writing skills and enable you to work as a copywriter.

What distinguishes our

Copywriter course

Dedicated mentor

Get a programme tailored to your skills.

Learning through practice

Write texts based on authentic assignments from customers.

Image promotion

Build your portfolio by creating perfect content.

Why you should start this

Copywriting course

More and more companies opt for online promotion and rely on copywriters for this purpose.

The appropriate texts have the capacity to:

  • increase sales,
  • improve Google visibility,
  • build brand image.

After the copywriting course, you become an expert who can support marketing on many levels.

Course program

You would learn to comprehensively create effective business content.

During the course, you will thoroughly explore the core topics, including:


Start creating compelling content that genuinely attracts customers.

SEO optimisation

Ensure that your text is structured correctly to break through in Google.

Formal and legal issues

Find out how to structure a contract and transfer copyrights.

Keyword selection

Choose optimal phrases that would boost the positioning of the text.

To whom do we target

The copywriting course

If you want to earn money through writing without leaving the comfort of your home, we offer an educational course specifically for you.

You will not receive another ready-made module or course where you are left to fend for yourself. Instead, you will enter into one-to-one lessons with experienced writers.

We will adapt the programme to your shortcomings as well as your strong suits. Furthermore, you can count on a number of other benefits, such as:

Certificate of completion of the course

We issue a document confirming the acquired competencies.

Training materials

You will receive access to educational content produced by us.

Diversified content in your portfolio

Build your copywriting portfolio by creating excellent content.

Possibility of further cooperation

We offer our exceptional trainees a position within our organisation.


Course information

Price – $ 219

It is the cost of participating in an individual learning programme. The quoted price includes all fees.

Course duration – 90 hours

Adapt your learning schedule to your daily routine and learn whenever you want.

Course flow – 100% online

The entire copywriting course takes place online – you will complete the course without leaving your home.

What are you investing in?

The copywriting course hosted by Content Writer provides you with a range of additional opportunities you would not encounter elsewhere.

Advice from a personal mentor

We will send you comprehensive feedback – precise advice and tips after reviewing each text.

Perfect content in your portfolio

Thanks to the guidance from your training supervisor, you will create diverse and professional content for your portfolio.

Our organisation’s know-how

We use the techniques and tools you discover during the course to create even better content.

Ongoing support

The mentor will always be available to help you with any copywriting questions.



If you have any doubts about the copywriter course, we may have cleared them up in the section below.

Is the copywriting course for me?

If you would like to gain an in-depth understanding of the copywriting profession without spending years poring over books, then our course is for you.

We put a lot of effort and commitment into it, yet we do so in order to prepare you to produce effective texts in the shortest possible time. We will imitate “fieldwork” from the beginning of the course and base it on actual guidelines. Every time, we will send you constructive comments and recommendations on how to rephrase certain sentences more effectively or how to adapt the content to Google’s requirements.

We avoid idle theory and artificial afterthoughts – instead, we care about sound practice and creating quality content. If this is what you expect from a copywriting course, then we strongly encourage you to attend.

Is there a possibility of subsequent cooperation?

Yes, we offer the possibility of permanent cooperation to the highest-performing students.

The copywriting course is designed for people who want to start working in this profession. Therefore, we treat each graduate as a potential candidate who could join our team in the future.

How long does the entire copywriting course last?

The course dimension consists of 90 hours of intensive learning – during this time you will create 12 different texts for your portfolio.

Remember that you have unlimited time to complete the course. You can follow it at any time of the day and study at your convenience.

Who are the course mentors?

Your teaching assignment comes from experienced proofreaders who have been checking the content of our copywriters for years.

They are the ideal people to provide you with guidance on the texts you have created. They would point out errors and formulate constructive comments to improve your writing skills with each assignment.

Why should you take

A course with a Content Writer

Experienced staff

Would you like to become an expert? The best advice: learn from the experts! Choose the largest copywriting agency in the world.

Certified institution

Our training department is an authorised educational institution, listed in the Register of Training Institutions (ref. nr 2.30/00204/2022).

Unique learning concept

We avoid boring, convoluted theories, and offer merely practical advice and tips straight from professional copywriters.

How to get started

Copywriter course

The course flow goes as follows:


Content creation

Log in to the system and write the text according to our guidelines.


Feedback provision

Your mentor examines the text and provides feedback.


Obtain a certificate

Repeat the process 12 times and receive a personalized certificate.

Employment opportunities

Have you already finished our copywriting course? Check out the job vacancies we are currently recruiting for.

What they say about us

Satisfied students

Develop content faster than your competitors.